Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

August 27, 2010

Ma Maison at Bugis Junction was fully booked today so we decided to go back to Chef Daniel’s Kitchen at Illuma for the rather value-for-money set dinner featuring a soup, mains and dessert for only $28. Chef Daniel doesn’t charge GST or Service Charge, so there’s no need to do mental gymnastics to find out what you’re really paying later on.

Unfortunately, they were out of Ribeye Steak and the Lamb Chops, so I had to go for the Oven Baked Chicken, while my 2 partners ordered from the ala-carte menu.


Seating area at Chef Daniel’s Kitchen, pictures courtesy of Chef Daniel’s Kitchen website.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Set Menu Soup

The set-menu soup. Not too bad but nothing really fancy nor spectacular, something along the lines of Jack’s Place. Chef Daniel’s Kitchen does take pride in their plating though.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Hors D'oeuvre Trio

The hors  d’oeuvres Trio $12 that my 2 partners shared.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Oven Baked Spring Chicken

The Oven Baked Spring Chicken — had a really crisp exterior and a wonderful juicy rich flavour in the meat. I normally abhor chicken breast meat, but this one was tasty and tender enough. The chicken was placed on a bed of veggies and wild rice. I enjoyed the wild rice very much, but it is like brown rice and I suspect many Singaporeans may not like it.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Prime Sirloin

Prime Sirloin $24

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Pepper Steak

Pepper Steak $30

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream

Brownie and vanilla ice-cream from the set menu.

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Mango Pudding

ChinaTown Pudding $6.50??? Looks like Mango Sago dessert to me…

Chef Daniel's Kitchen - Tiramisu

Grandma’s Tiramisu $7.50 — Not a very strong alcohol taste, nor a heavy cream taste. My partner liked it very much, but I prefer tiramisus that are moist and rich.

When the bill arrived, I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that Chef Daniel’s Kitchen was having a promotion of 15% discount on the set dinner, which meant that it cost only $23 instead of $28!


Chef Daniel’s Kitchen

Mondays to Sundays

11.30am to 10.30pm

Address: 201 Victoria Street, Iluma, #07-04/05/06, Singapore 188067


  1. Hey great blog…I am really enjoying your entries. Here’s another place to try out Capricci, Tanjong Pagar. Great little joint. Located where old Oso use to be.

    They have a great dinner set menu promotion at the moment. $39+ per pax. and you get a great set dinner. There are choices too…so you are not restricted to what the chef has decided. All you need to do is mention hungrygowhere.

    Ok it is starting to sound like a plug…hahaha…it is a fab

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