Best Iced Chocolate and Iced Coffee

June 4, 2012

It’s Monday today everybody!!! Hope you’ve had a great start to the week cuz it’s bloody hot outside! I’m so glad I can retreat to the confines of an air-conditioned room and I hope you can too. My sympathies to those who work at the open-air road shows, teachers teaching in non-air-conditioned classrooms etc, I hope you have a cool drink with you. Tourists, do yourselves a favour and try not to come to Singapore during the hot months. May, June and July are always killers in terms of heat. If Singaporeans already feel like melting, are melting in this heat, what chance do you stand if you’re from a temperate country? Come back again in December, that would be my most sincere advice!

I suppose the companies selling air-cons must be doing a roaring trade. In this heat, even fans are no match! It’s a wonder how I even managed to survive primary school and secondary school. I don’t recall it to have been that sweltering.

If you can’t escape the heat, I guess the next best thing to do would be to arm yourselves with a nice ice cold drink. Here are some suggestions for iced chocolate or iced coffee. Helps to tide you through the Monday Blues too!

Iced Cafe Mocha $6.50 from Toby’s Estate

Iced Cafe Mocha from Haagen Dazs

Iced Latte from Max Brenners Chocolate Bar

Iced Chocolate from Regent Hotel

The best Iced Coffee I’ve had is the Iced Cafe Mocha from Coffee Club. It’s so rich and and delicious and comes with a humongous dollop of creamy vanilla ice cream. It’s really the thing I want right now!!!! The best Iced Chocolate I’ve had to date is the Iced Chocolate Granita from Max Brenners. Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it either!

And it would be cool if you could help vote for me for the top food blogger award at the Singapore Blog awards organized by Singapore Press Holdings.


  1. have you tried Dome’s & Olio’s ice chocolate? It comes with a scoop of chocolate gelato. Simply the best in sg! Their ice mocha is really yummy too! :)))

    • Actually even though I do order them a lot, I find scoops of ice cream in iced drinks quite cumbersome to eat! They bob around when you try to spear them and quite often I end up having droplets on the table! And the worst part is the double whammy calorie attack. Sugar in the drink and sugar in the ice cream! But it’s so good I know…

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