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My alternative Chinese New Year 2014

A happy Chinese New Year to all of you out there! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! For me, I took Monday off as well, and including Thursday’s half-day, it was a luxurious 4.5 days of festivities, relaxation and binging to my heart’s content.

Chinese New Year 2014

In a nutshell, this was what I did over the 4.5 days. If it doesn’t look very CNYish, it’s because I only visited 2 places to bai nian. I’ve been told that many people wish for a quiet new year, but you miss most what you don’t have. I wish I had a close knit extended family to celebrate Chinese New Year with, just like how it was in years past. Thankfully, even though we only had 2 official places to visit, we still spent our time well visiting other places, such as a park, furniture stores, makan places and cafes!

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