Kloster Hornbach, Germany

June 16, 2013

Day 4 of 365days2play’s Honeymoon in Luxembourg, Germany & France

Even before our honeymoon trip to Europe, Kloster Hornbach was one of the hotels I kept raving about to my friends and on Facebook, simply for the fact that the building dates back to year 742! Yes that’s 3 digits, not 4! Obviously back in 742 it wasn’t a hotel as we know it today, but the Monastery of Hornbach. Infact, there is still a working church just adjacent to what is now the hotel portion, which opened in 2000.

Hospitality is one of the key components of the Benedictine life-style. In his rule, Saint Benedict says ”Let all guests that come to the monastery be received as friends. For, one day, he will say : "I was a stranger and you welcomed me.”

There are thirty-three rooms and suites to choose from, each tastefully decorated and designed in different styles. The inspiration for the interior design is influenced  by Mediterranean, Shaker, Asian or African-design. Following the feedback of guests, Kloster Hornbach also has 2 rooms specially designed to look like the cell of a monk in a monastery!  I suppose there’s no worry about those rooms being too spartan, because a Bose sound system and CDs are still provided. I quite liked that several DVD movies were provided, for the benefit of guests who just want to laze in their rooms.

Kloster Hornbach (25)

As you can see below, we got the African themed room. I have to agree that the design is extremely tastefully and subtly done. The last thing I want is to have a huge lion or elephant staring down at me as I attempt to sleep after a hard day’s touring. I have seen such hotel rooms, mind you, they do exist.

Kloster Hornbach (4)

Kloster Hornbach (5)

I love hotel rooms with lots of windows. We got a room on the 2nd floor so when the windows were opened, it felt as if my room became extended! And as you can see from the pictures, each window has a heater beneath it, so no chance of you freezing under the covers at night.

Kloster Hornbach (48)

The great thing about not staying in a nondescript tall hotel is that the windows can be opened. I had no idea that the window could be opened in more than one way. Isn’t that cool, or am I just a country bumpkin?

Kloster Hornbach (6)

Kloster Hornbach (26)

Love the decor of the bathroom, and environmentally friendly products that remind us to wave the environment too.

Kloster Hornbach (8)

I thought it was quite funny to have a stool in the bathroom. Perhaps it is for someone to have conversation with another during times of constipation. Ok fine, just joking, it’s probably for your clothes. I love the airiness of the bathroom as well as the large windows. In Singapore, in particular the HDB flats, our bathrooms tend to be very wet due to the layout. Our bathrooms are certainly not rooms for long reflection. When I have a house of my own, I intend to have a bathroom that is not merely functional, but a room that will provide me with inspiration and relaxation.

Kloster Hornbach (12)

Kloster Hornbach was one of the few hotels that we stayed at in Europe that provided tea and coffee making facilities. I just cannot fathom why it is that the hotels do not provide this basic and cheap service? I’m not asking for a Nespresso Machine like what we had at Kloster Hornbach, although we enjoyed it very much thank you. I’m just asking for a few tea bags and a $30 kettle? The interesting bit is that the hotel staff have no problems carting hot water to your room for free should you request for it, but nope, no kettle I’m afraid.

Kloster Hornbach (40)

As for Kloster Hornbach, we got to enjoy a great cup of coffee, some premium teas as well as fruits. Smile Kloster Hornbach (14)

Kloster Hornbach (34)

The rest of the hotel is furnished in a contemporary manner making use of the existing brick and stone foundation to emphasis the historic significance of the property.

Kloster Hornbach (20)

Reception area with a tiny gift shop on the 2nd floor

Kloster Hornbach (23)

Hornbach Church

Kloster Hornbach Garden

Little herb garden on the property. Check out the wasabi plant bottom right.

Kloster Hornbach (33)

Moss – I thought this looked a bit futuristic, like outerspace? No?

Kloster Hornbach (32)

Kloster Hornbach (31)

Hornbach Church in the background

Hornbach monastery ruins

The medieval ruins

Kloster Hornbach (35)

Indoor jacuzzi

Kloster Hornbach (36)

Herren is for men and Damen is for women

Kloster Hornbach (37)

Kloster Hornbach (39)

When we got back to the room in the evening, we were surprised with a lovely cake sent by the kloster mice. Even has a recipe in case we want to replicate the cake again!

Kloster Hornbach (41)

Breakfast the next morning. No matter how packed the day is, there is always time for a 1 hour breakfast.

Kloster Hornbach (47)

Friendly eggs for breakfast. Hart means hard boiled egg, and Weich means soft boiled egg!

Kloster Hornbach (46)

Kloster Hornbach (22)

Things to do near Kloster Hornbach

To be frank, there isn’t all that much to do within walking distance of Kloster Hornbach. We took a 1 hour walk around the vicinity of the hotel, but it seemed mostly residential. Didn’t help that we were there on a Sunday, where most businesses are closed. You can go further afield and discover mediaeval towns with half-timbered houses, Germany’s oldest city, Trier and the river valleys of the Rhine and Moselle. Kloster Hornbach is also a good pit stop if you plan to visit Strasbourg. Strasbourg is the seat of several European institutions.

Kloster Hornbach is a lovely hotel for people living around this region. If you’re looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, or if you just want a weekend getaway in a hotel with excellent service, you should consider Kloster Hornbach.

I read there are a few Michelin starred restaurants a few kilometres away, if you have time to check those out. There are 2 restaurants within Kloster Hornbach itself, one featuring gourmet delights, the other featuring local delicacies.

Other Highlights

  • City of Strasbourg, Alsace France
  • Northern Vosges Regional Natural Park
  • Palatinate (wine region)
  • Mosel (wine region)
  • Zweibrí¼cken The Style Outlets
  • The Musée Lalique in Wingen-sur-Moder

Kloster Hornbach is part of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World group. I stayed at 8 SLH properties during my honeymoon. Thank you Kloster Hornbach and SLH for the wonderful hospitality.


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Kloster Hornbach 

Im Klosterbezirk 66500 Hornbach

Telephone : 0 63 38 / 910 10-0



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